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Andy Tindel and Mark Mann Join Forces to Form the MT2 Law Group


Andy Tindel of Andy Tindel, Attorney & Counselor at Law, P.C. in Tyler, Texas and Mark Mann of the Mann Firm of Henderson, Texas, have formed the MT2 Law Group.  The MT2 Law Group is a network of three independent law firms that have joined forces for the purpose of providing high quality, knowledgable and experienced legal representation for clients involved in litigation in federal and state courts throughout all East Texas.

The MT2 Law Group specializes in the preparation, trial and appeal of a wide variety civil litigation matters, including serious personal injury cases, truck wrecks, product liability, insurance disputes, oil and gas, probate matters and commercial litigation. In addition, the MT2 Law Group specializes in representing litigants involved in complex intellectual property litigation including patent, trademark and copyright infringement claims, trade secrets litigation and trade dress, false advertising, brand disparagement and unfair competition cases.

Attorneys at the MT2 Law Group have many years of experience representing both national and international corporations involved in high-stakes patent infringement litigation filed in all divisions of the Eastern District of Texas. The vast trial experience and courtroom knowledge possessed by the attorneys at the MT2 Law Group, combined with their familiarity with the Eastern District of Texas’ unique patent rules and local court rules, make the MT2 Law Group the “go to” local law firm for individuals and businesses searching for proven and effective representation for patent litigation pending in the Eastern District of Texas.