Local Counsel Services

Over the last decade, the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas has been home to some of the most important litigation filed anywhere in the United States of America.  The Eastern District's innovative local rules, no nonsense judges and "rocket docket" reputation have attracted high profile, high stakes intellectual property cases with world-wide consequences.

Andy Tindel's credentials as a board certified civil trial lawyer and appellate counsel, along with his extensive experience in litigating cases in all divisions of the Eastern District of Texas, make him a sought after choice for local counsel by both plaintiffs and defendants.  He routinely provides insight and assistance to national law firms in court protocol, local rules interpretation and trial strategy in all areas of complex commercial and intellectual property litigation.

Andy has a proven record of success as an advisor and local counsel for major foreign and domestic corporations, small business owners, individuals, inventors and law firms involved in commercial damage cases, securities fraud class actions and intellectual property law litigation pending in the Eastern District of Texas.   Andy's role as local counsel varies from assisting lead counsel with discovery and motion practice to serving as co-counsel  with national counsel in the trial of the case and thereafter on appeal. Whatever the needs and requests of the client or retaining counsel may be, Andy will bring a wealth of legal knowledge and courtroom experience to any legal team engaged in prosecuting or defending major civil litigation in any division of the Eastern District of Texas.