Mediation Services

As an adjunct to his trial and appellate practice, Andy Tindel is also available to provide mediation services in selected civil litigation matters pending in state and federal court in Northeast Texas. Andy was certified as a Mediator in March 1999 and since that time has mediated a multitude of disputes that have resulted in satisfactory resolutions for the parties. Andy's courtroom experience and appellate law expertise provides him with unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of every case, as well as the likely benefits to both sides of a voluntarily negotiated settlement of the parties' dispute. If allowed to mediate your client's case, Andy will work hard to explore all possible avenues leading to a just and fair resolution of the dispute and to keep the parties negotiating so long as any reasonable possibilty for settlement remains open.

In 2001 Andy was appointed to the panel of mediators for the Twelfth District Court of Appeals headquartered in Tyler, Texas and since that time has specialized in appellate mediations.  Andy's long time federal court trial practice, beginning in 1982 when he served as a briefing attorney for United States District Judge William M. Steger, also frequently makes him the mediator of choice for parties with complex business or personal injury litigation pending in all divisions of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

Andy will also travel to mediate disputes at the request of the parties. Customary mediation fees for ½ day or full day mediations are competitively priced. Mediation fees for multi-party cases or unusually complex litigation matters are determined on a case-by-case basis after consultation with the parties.

Mediations with Andy may be scheduled by contacting Sheri Peterson at 903-596-0900 or via email,